An Urban Comedy Short Film that concentrates, and makes light of, the positive vs negative differences between race, relationships, and social dialect, which also doubles as a partial Parody of Jordan Peeles’ “Get Out”! Follow along as “Cornileus Claiborne”, played by Actor/Comedian Alkariem ‘Roastman’ Johnson (a dedicated Obama Health Insurance Employee), prepares himself to have a great day of work at the office, alongside his supportive wife Marsha Claiborne, played by Kathleen Slavin. Simultaneusly, the dysfunctional/unorganized Uber Driver, played by Actor Shaheed K Woods, is preparing himself for a day of being an Uber Driver and being on time for an interview for a new job, alongside his live-in unsupportive girlfriend Maria, played by actress Massiel Mordan. As the Uber Driver picks up a heckiling passenger, played by actress/comedian Nika Domingo, he’s getting desperate to make it to his job interview at Obamas Health Insurance office. Watch until the end to see how Cornileus Claiborne and The Uber Driver end up in the same bar being served drinks by Earl the Bartender, played be internet