Independent Filmmaker, John J. Fullman, was born and raised 15 minutes outside of New York City in the lower-middle class urban city of Elizabeth, New Jersey. His admiration for legendary comedians such as Dave Chappelle, George Carlin, The Waynes Brothers, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, and Eddie Murphy, along with Fullman’s own sarcastic and witty personality, led him to explore his interest in acting. His love for acting in 2009, was quickly overtaken by his desires to create his own production projects. After working with independent filmmakers on several different projects, he then branched off and created his own independent production company known as Stop Lying Productions. Under Fullman’s company, he introduced his debut project called The Livin’ Room Series, which consist of a variety series of drama-comedy short film/sitcom pilots. These short film/ pilots within the Livin’ Room Series are produced with an ending suspense of more to follow in future full-length film or digital sitcom episodes. ‘He Ain’t My Father’, ‘The Half N Half Chronicles’, and ‘Piece of Sh*t Uber Driver’, are a few of the current short-film/pilots featured on The Livin’ Room Series website. John J. Fullman has future plans to not only add more projects to The Livin Room Series, but to also market, produce, direct and write full-length feature films.